About Us

The foundation was formed on the 12th of June, 2023 with the primary objective of the foundation as training and education for early childcare development, social security, climate change, environment, and circular economy. With focus in all the above aspects being regarding

Our Board

The foundation is administered by a board of Directors, to ensure transparency along with certainty that the foundation is run correctly.

The board has the following responsibilites: To obtain necessary budget and for approving outreach programmes like
-Early Childcare Development
-Social Security
-Substance Abuse Awareness Campaigns
-Budget Adoption For Fiscal Financial Statement Approval
-Compliance With Regulations

Chairperson Martha

Chairperson, Martha Sedumedi

Chairperson of the Black Business Council Built Environment Foundation


CEO, Tshepo Kgaudi

Chief Executive Officer of the Black Business Council Built Environment Foundation .

Christopher Siphiwe Jiyane

Director, Christopher Siphiwe Jiyane

Director of the Black Business Council Built Environment Foundation

Yoginayagee Naido

Director, Yoginayagee Naidoo

Director of the Black Business Council Built Environment Foundation

Our Vision

In August 2023, we stand at the precipice of a new era, united in purpose and fueled by a vision that transcends the ordinary. Our ambition is to create a legacy that resonates, a vision encapsulated in the following:

Empowered Youth

Prosperous Nation: Envision a future where Early Childhood Development (ECD) and technical skills development illuminate the path for disadvantaged youths. This empowered generation becomes architects of their destinies, architects of the built environment, architects of a prosperous nation. Your contribution empowers the next generation.

Round-Up Revolution

Our expanded Round-Up Programme is a force for good, bridging divides and fostering solidarity among industry stakeholders. With your support, we amplify our impact, channeling resources into innovative projects that uplift marginalized communities. Join us in revolutionizing community support.

Building Blocks for Careers

At our foundation’s core lies the aspiration to promote the boundless opportunities within the built environment sector. Our vision extends beyond professions; we inspire young minds to see architecture, engineering, and construction as pathways to shaping their dreams and communities. Join us in constructing a brighter future.


Environmental Stewardship

As we progress, we embrace environmental sustainability as a moral imperative. Our dedication extends to nurturing a generation that champions climate change awareness and practices a circular economy. Thriving communities are intrinsically linked to a thriving planet. Be part of this environmental revolution

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